Brandie Jablonski


I am creative when it comes to hair and life. After years of looking for someone who could color my rainbow hair and not getting what I wanted, I started doing it myself. When doors opened for me to make the leap as a professional I jumped! Now I get the opportunity to make women love their hair as much as I do! I truly believe in loving yourself. I love tattoos, my colored hair and God. Because I love coffee, I will often compare hair to coffee or chocolate. If it's blonde it's probably a latte. Creating beautiful hair while connecting with my clients is a way of taking steps towards changing the world in my own little way. My goal is to give you the hair of your dreams. I am here to make you feel like you can go home and achieve the hair you left my chair with. I will show you the products and tools you need to recreate the hair you love. I believe in educating myself to make sure your hair is the best it can be, truth be told, I am absolutely addicted to growing as a stylist and learning the latest techniques in the hair industry. I am a Zenagen Hair Loss Expert. My mother suffers from alopecia and has been dealing with hair loss for over 30 years, so I'm drawn to helping women with any type of hair loss issues. I want you to know that when you are in my chair my time is yours. YOU have my undivided attention. I am by appointment only. I don't stack my ladies and ask you to sit and wait. I try to accommodate schedules as well, I know what its like to be a working mom with a crazy life style. Whether you’re looking for a simple cut or something modern and dramatic, I’m committed to giving your hair the attention it deserves. Make an appointment today and see what Thecolorbarbee can do for you!